Geo Surveying Services is a single point of access to Geo-information. Geo Surveying Services acquires, processes and integrates geographic and spatial data, covering all geographic data development stages, including satellite imagery, Mapping, Topographic and Marine surveys, Surveying Equipment and Accessories, Remote Sensing, Training courses in GPS and GIS and consultancy.

About Us

Established in 2008, Geo Surveying Services specializes in delivering integrated Geo spatial services. With large experience in Remote Sensing,

Geo Surveying Services  works on projects of specialized use including satellite imagery, Mapping, Digital Elevation, Topographic and Marine Surveys, Surveying Equipment and Accessories, training and support.

Geo Surveying Services is a team of expert providing professional services in Lebanon, Middle East and Europe.

Our principals are to delivery projects on time, within budget and to a standard of quality meeting client's expectation.