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SH5A Rugged Controller device, Internal GNSS, 5" screen, Full Keyboard


Long EDM range measuring distance: reflectorless up to 600m and up to 7,000m in prism mode


The Algiz RT8 is a unique 8-inch Android tablet computer built
specifically to increase fieldwork efficiency

Handheld Algiz-RT8

Handheld mini poles are easy to set up.

Mini Prism Pole

• It is made be carbon fiber tube.

• 2meter 6sections, 5 section 32cm,

GLS66 Carbon Fiber GPS Pole

• The telescopic pole can be extended to 2.3m and the tripod can be extended to 1.7m for a total length of 4m.

SJP90 Aluminum Telescoping Antenna Tripod

• Heavy duty construction.

• Three hexagonal screws on the tripod head to adjust the leg tension.

SJA50 Aluminum Tripod

• Emit 1 horizontal 360° plane and 2 vertical 360o plane.

• Compact size, easy to carry.

LP363G Green Plane Line Laser(3 Cone)

Geo Survey
Single Prism