Geo Surveying Services is a single point of access to Geo-information. Geo Surveying Services acquires, processes and integrates geographic and spatial data, covering all geographic data development stages, including satellite imagery, Mapping, Topographic and Marine surveys, Surveying Equipment and Accessories, Remote Sensing, Training courses in GPS and GIS and consultancy.


Geo Survey

Rugged and lightweight compact receivers. Fast and stress-free RTK operation by taking advantage of TILT Sensor.

Geo Survey

Long EDM range measuring distance: reflectorless up to 600 m and in prism mode up to 7,000 m

Geo Survey
Automatic Level

For Use under the Harshest Conditions Water-proof sealed telescope: protection class IPX6

Geo Survey
Distance Meter

Flexible Range: 60m (M-60) /100m (M-100) quick laser measurement within 3 seconds

Geo Survey
Laser Scanner

Rotating i – Cam The camera is fully embedded within the rotor, and therefore well protected against environmental influences. In order to achieve a perfect image quality, even under difficult lighting conditions, the camera provides full HDR panoramic images of up to 80 Mpixel per scan.

Geo Survey
Line Laser

Reliable Wide Range Laser Level, Range 600m, Leveling both vertical and horizontal, Red(PLP-100) / Green(PLP-100G, Built-in Self-leveling system

Geo Survey
Electronic Theodolites

Compact and portable electronic theodolites with Easy-to-Read display. Built for the construction site